"Notes on data protection: You* would like to use the Corona-Warn-App ("App") of the Robert Koch Institute ("RKI") for Use an antigen test to retrieve your test result. To be able to retrieve your test result via the app it is necessary for your test result to be transmitted from the test center to the server system of the RKI.

In short, this is done by the test center linking your test result to a machine-readable Code, stored on a dedicated server of the RKI. The code is your pseudonym, further information about your person are not required to display the test result in the app. You can display the However, you can personalize the test result for yourself by entering your surname, first name and date of birth leave.

The code is formed from the scheduled time of the test and a random number. The formation of the code takes place by offsetting the aforementioned data with one another in such a way that the data cannot be calculated back is no longer possible with the code.

You will receive a copy of the code in the form of a QR code scanned by the camera function of your Smartphones can be read into the app. Alternatively, you can also use the pseudonymous code as a Receive a link to the Internet (“App Link”) that can be opened and processed by the App. Only through this is it is possible to link the test result to your app. With your consent, you can then Retrieve test result using the app. Your test result will be automatically deleted from the server after 21 days. If you want to transmit your pseudonymous test result using the code to the app infrastructure for the purpose of the test retrieval, please confirm this to the employees of the test site. You can revoke your consent at any time with effect for the future. Please note However, due to the existing pseudonymization, an assignment to your person cannot be made and therefore your data will only be automatically deleted after the 21-day storage period has expired. You can also find details on this in the »Privacy Policy« of the Corona Warning App of the RKI. “

*If you are under the age of 16, please discuss the use of the app with your parents or your person with custody.